Sherri Tammelin
Coldwell Banker Realty

New Construction by Greenstone

Eric & Joshua Olson are the father/son team that make up Greenstone.  They have deep roots in the construction business and have built more than 500 homes over the past 40 years.   Working with a dedicated team, they are able to produce a high quality home in as little as 90 days*.  With numerous home plans in their portfolio, Greenstone has the ability to create many different styles of houses.  Their flexibility gives clients the opportunity to personalize, customize and modify the plans to the client's specific needs.  

 For more information about lots and/or plans** available, please contact Sherri Tammelin at 978-587-5463 or


*approximately 90 days from mortgage commitment

** Greenstone has many lots available to build on.  They will purchase a lot for a client who wishes to build on a different parcel that is for sale.

The Presidential